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Call Text:

The Christian Spirituality Program Unit is seeking proposals for papers on the following topics:

-Earth Community and ecological hermeneutics in Christian Spirituality studies
- Christian Spirituality resources for confronting racism
-Spirituality resources for the challenges facing higher education
-Hermit Spirituality: How Historical and Living Figures Inform Solitary Dwelling in a Time of COVID
-Innovations in Christian faith community and spiritual practice during a time of COVID
- The wall between the US and Mexico: What does Christian Spirituality offer in terms of critique and resolution?

Mission Statement:

This Unit serves as a forum for scholars working in the interdisciplinary field of Christian spirituality. It is committed to the following:

• Developing, refining, and demonstrating appropriate methodologies for the academic study of spirituality.
• Exploring models for describing and facilitating interdisciplinary conversation on the nature of spirituality among religion scholars of all perspectives and religions.
• Initiating discussion in the field of global spirituality, both religious and secular.
• Articulating the connections between scholarship and spiritual practice.
• Ensuring diversity in denominational affiliation, gender, race, and ethnic backgrounds.

Method of Submission:




Margaret Benefiel, margaret@shalem.org

Beringia Zen, Beringia.Zen@samc.com


Steering Committee:

Andre Brouillette, andre.brouillette@bc.edu

Thomas J. McElligott, tmcellig@stmarys-ca.edu

Leonard McMahon, lmcmahon@ses.gtu.edu

David Perrin, dperrin@uwaterloo.ca

Jessica Smith, jmsmit2@gmail.com

Lauren F. Winner, lwinner@div.duke.edu


Session Allotment: Tier 2 – Two 2-hour sessions

Next Review: 2022