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The Christian Systematic Theology Section invites proposals for individual papers or complete panels related to our theme of Health, Suffering, and Salvation. We invite proposals to consider the nature of these three interrelated notions as deployed in Christian theology. We welcome work that engages more than one of these three concepts in particular. Papers should be constructive or synthetic rather than merely historical or analytical in nature, but grounding the arguments in pre-existing texts from various traditions and discussions is desired. We especially invite proposals related to the following sub-themes:

•    Transformation (in God and in creatures), including justification and sanctification

•    Creaturely thriving

•    Christology

•    Atonement

•    Ecclesiology

•    Sacraments

•    Theology and disability

•    Suffering and embodiment

•    Issues relating to health, suffering, and salvation in conversation with political and/or social justice concerns

•    Race, gender, or intersectional approaches the notions of health, suffering, and salvation

•    Structural causes of suffering, barriers to health, and salvation as resistance

•    Exclusion within/from the Christian community

•    Eschatology

Mission Statement:

This Unit promotes new constructive work in Christian systematic theology that is in dialogue with the historical Christian theological traditions on the one hand and with all aspects of the contemporary context on the other — intellectual movements, methodologies, multiple theological and religious perspectives, and ethical/social/political contexts.

Method of Submission:




Oliver Crisp, odc@st-andrews.ac.uk

Natalia Marandiuc, nmarandiuc@smu.edu


Steering Committee:

Nicholas Adams, n.adams.1@bham.ac.uk

Jennifer Newsome Martin, jmarti16@nd.edu

Hanna Reichel, hanna.reichel@ptsem.edu 

Andrea C. White, awhite@uts.columbia.edu

Judith Wolfe, judith.wolfe@exeter.oxon.org

Jessica Wong, jessicawong@apu.edu

Sameer Yadav, syadav@westmont.edu


Session Allotment: Tier 5 – Three 2-hour sessions and three 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2025