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Women and Revelation in India, China, and Tibet

We would like to organize a panel that explores the central role of narrative (especially hagiography) in the process of building a community, and the key role of women (divine, human, and everything in between) play in the writing, transmission, and alteration of revelatory literature. The focus will be on the historical literature of China, India, and Tibet, and compare the shared modes of textual production in these regions.

Please contact Jue Liang (liangj@denison.edu) or Jonathan Pettit (jeep@hawaii.edu) if you are interested in contributing or have any questions.


Brandon Dotson, brandon.dotson@wolfson.oxon.org

Oliver Freiberger, of@austin.utexas.edu

Gloria Maité Hernández, ghernandez@wcupa.edu

Boyung Lee, blee@iliff.edu

K. Christine Pae, paec@denison.edu

Massimo Rondolino, mrondoli@carrollu.edu

Nicole Willock, nwillock@odu.edu