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Race, Religion, and the “China Virus”

We invite papers on the themes of health, healing, and religion that take into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other issues that have a!ected both Asian American and global Sinophone communities, such as SARS, MSG Syndrome, and Mad Cow Disease. For instance, how are local, transnational and global communities interconnected amid the resurgence of anti-Asian racism in the age of COVID-19? While anti-Chinese sentiment is a historical phenomenon, what new connections do we see between religion, politics, race, health, healing and medicine, with the use of slurs such as “China virus” and digital recordings of hate crimes in the social media age? We welcome paper proposals that include a variety of religions and traditions as well as analyses of a range of anti-Asian, intra-Asian and interracial dynamics. We welcome engagement with “democratic” versus “totalitarian” approaches to pandemic life as well as examination of medical practices ranging from traditional Chinese medicine to charismatic healing.


Alexander Chow, alexander.chow@ed.ac.uk

Christie Chui-Shan Chow, chui-shan.chow@ptsem.edu

Helen Jin Kim, helenjkim@emory.edu

SueJeanne Koh, sj.koh@uci.edu