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Women Still Run This Thing! Hip Hop, Womanism, and Collective Meaning-Making

Far too often the hypermasculine male is the trope that commercial Hip Hop puts out as “Hip Hop.” As scholars in the field of Hip Hop Studies and Womanist Thought, we know this is not true. Women play an influential role in Hip Hop Culture; principally as it pertains to the social constructs of sexual orientation, gender constructs, race, and social issues.

Topics can include, but certainly not limited to:

· Hip Hop womanism
· Hood womanism
· Verzus and Cancel Culture
· Meg Thee Stallion and #ProtectBlackWomen
· Hip Hop of the South
· WAP and politics of sexuality (Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion)
· Women in Hip Hop & their historical contributions (Missy Elliott, Nikki Minaj, No Name, Rhapsody, etc.)
· Women & their role in activism & politics within the hip hop culture
· The construct of “male sponsorship” for entry into rap music
· Does rap music hate women?
· The gendered & social discourse of “Bitch”
· Hip Hop & #MeToo
· Women in Hip Hop & Digital Technocultures


Christopher Driscoll, cmd413@lehigh.edu 

Melanie Jones, melaniechantejones@gmail.com

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, drcherylkd@gmail.com

Monica R. Miller, mrm213@lehigh.edu

Kathryn Reklis, kathryn.reklis@aya.yale.edu

Deborah Whitehead, deborah.whitehead@colorado.edu