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Sacrifice in the Time of Plague

During the past year, the novel coronavirus-19 virus clearly has followed existing patterns of inequality when traveling through the social body. In this, scholars have experienced and analyzed the pandemic through a variety of critical approaches, including the study of ideology and capitalist abstraction, biopolitics and the precarity of disposable populations, utopian thinking, critical race theory, and the failure to socially mourn poor and legally and culturally disenfranchised persons. We ask: what determines who lives and who dies when worlds fall apart? We invite paper proposals for a roundtable discussion featuring diverse methodological and disciplinary vantage points that somehow analyze the role of sacrifice in our time of plague.


Sean McCloud, spmcclou@uncc.edu

Elayne Oliphant, elayne.oliphant@nyu.edu

Kristin Scheible, scheiblk@reed.edu

Daniel Vaca, daniel_vaca@brown.edu