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The Materiality of Asian Medicines and Religions Compared

This panel invites paper proposals that compare the intersections of Asian medical traditions with Buddhism, Daoism, and/or Hinduism, with a particular focus on the material culture of healing. Topics may include the comparison of medical practices and practitioners, botanical knowledge, other materia medica, geographical routes of transmission, body map illustrations, surgery, merchants and markets, biographies, alchemical practices, gendered bodies, physical movements and bodily hygiene (such as yoga, martial arts, diet, etc.), food, medical records, and other material aspects of healing. Proposals should also attend to related theoretical issues.


Kyrah Malika Daniels, kyrah.daniels@bc.edu

Dan Lusthaus, lusthaus@g.harvard.edu

Karen O'Brien-Kop, karen.obrien-kop@roehampton.ac.uk

Kristy Slominski, kristy.slominski@gmail.com