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Reconsidering Christ, Sin, and Atonement

Schleiermacher’s theology turns on the central relation to Christ as redeemer, yet he also maintains that understandings of Christ and atonement must continue to develop in light of new questions and challenges. Together with the 2021 AAR Annual Meeting theme of religion, poverty, and inequality, we invite proposals that consider fresh approaches to christology, atonement theory, and sin and redemption. We especially welcome perspectives that attend to pressing challenges of systemic poverty, racial and gender inequality, and classism. For example, proposals might:

• examine social, structural, and cultural dimensions of sin
• develop liberationist theological perspectives on sin and redemption
• consider the critical interplay of race, christology, and Christian identity
• consider postcolonial theological reflections on christology and supersessionism
• constructively and/or critically engage Schleiermacher’s work on Christ, sin, and redemption


Thia Cooper, tcooper@gac.edu

Maria T. Davila, mariatdavila@gmail.com

Kevin Vander Schel, vanderschel@gonzaga.edu

Taraneh Wilkinson, trw28@georgetown.edu