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Christian Platonism: Reflections on the Occasion of the Publication of Christian Platonism: A History (Cambridge, 2021) (eds. Alexander J.B. Hampton, John Peter Kenney)


On the occasion of the publication of Christian Platonism: A History this panel offers papers by established and emergent scholars on one of the determinative narratives of over two millennia of intellectual history. At times, Platonism has constituted an essential philosophical and theological resource, furnishing Christianity with an intellectual framework that has played a key role in its early development, and in subsequent periods of renewal. Alternatively, it has been considered a compromising influence, conflicting with the faith’s revelatory foundations and distorting its inherent message. In both cases the fundamental importance of Platonism, as a force which Christianity defined itself by and against, is clear. Contributions will explore the historical conceptual and constructive elements of the relationship between one of history’s most influential philosophies and one of its most important religions.



·         Kevin Corrigan, kcorrig@emory.edu

·         Douglas Hedley, rdh26@cam.ac.uk

·         Tuomas Rasimus, tuomas.rasimus@helsinki.fi

·         Roshan Abraham, rjabraham301@gmail.com

·         Todd Krulak, tckrulak@hotmail.com