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The Economics of Religious Spaces

How are religious spaces created or maintained based on economic models (e.g., corporate organization, practices of giving, marketing strategies, promotional schemes)? How can these varying economic models be compared across and within forms of religious life? How have fundraising needs and philanthropic support shaped varied sites? Alternatively, how have critiques of money and religion affected religious sites and spaces? Topics for this panel could also include how the economic realities of COVID-19 have led to the shuttering or reimagining of space by religious groups or religiously oriented charities. How, for example, has the pandemic exacerbated class-based differences in religious spaces?


Elayne Oliphant, elayne.oliphant@nyu.edu

Katie Oxx, koxx@sju.edu

Brooke Schedneck, schedneckb@rhodes.edu

Daniel Vaca, daniel_vaca@brown.edu