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Pre-arranged Book Panel: Laura Levitt's The Objects That Remain (Penn State University Press, 2020)

Weaving together an examination of the evidence in police storage of her unsolved rape and an appraisal of artifacts in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Laura Levitt investigates how material objects can be traces of violence and interrogates how we think about evidence as well as its potential for understanding traumatic events and pursuing justice. Panelists will critically assess the book and identify its most significant contributions to research on the intersections of material objects, trauma, and justice research. The author will respond to each panelist's analysis as well as answer questions from session attendees.


Boyung Lee, blee@iliff.edu

K. Christine Pae, paec@denison.edu

Benjamin Sax, bsax@icjs.org

Kate E. Temoney, temoneyk@montclair.edu