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For 2021, the Comparative Approaches to Religion and Violence Unit will hold postponed panels from 2020, and is not asking for new proposals this year.

Postponed sessions will be:

Theories of Violence

Religion, Violence, and Surveillance
Co-Sponsored with Religion and Politics Unit

Religion, Violence, and Xenophobia
Co-Sponsored with the SBL Violence and Representations of Violence in Antiquity Unit

Mission Statement:

Since the end of the Cold War, acts of religiously motivated violence have all too often become part of our quotidian existence. Scholars from various disciplines have attempted to account for these incidents, noting such issues as a resurgence of anti-colonialism, poverty and economic injustice, the failures of secular nationalism, uprooted-ness, and the loss of a homeland, and the pervasive features of globalization in its economic, political, social, and cultural forms. What are the religious narratives that help animate these violent actors? This Unit contends that the theories, methodologies, and frameworks for studying the expanding field of religion and violence remain under-explored and require interdisciplinary work and collaboration to provide greater insights into the complex issues involved. The sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, evolutionary psychology, cognitive science, economics, and political science of religion all have provided great insights into the nature of religion and violence over the last few decades and all are arguably interdisciplinary by nature. This Unit provides a venue devoted specifically to interdisciplinary discussions of the subject. We hope to channel and enhance contributions from the historically delineated (albeit constructed) humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. In that vein, we hope to hear papers presenting cross-disciplinary dialogue and research on the topic of religion and violence.

Method of Submission:

INSPIRE, E-mail with Attachment (proposal is in attachment, not in body of e-mail)



Kelly Denton-Borhaug, denton-borhaugk@moravian.edu

Chase L. Way, chase.laurelle.way@gmail.com



Steering Committee:

Amarnath Amarasingam, amarnath0330@gmail.com

Chad Bauman, cbauman@butler.edu

Sara Kamali, info@sarakamali.com

Brad Kelle, bradkelle@pointloma.edu

Flagg Miller, fmiller@ucdavis.edu

John Soboslai, jsoboslai@gmail.com






Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2023