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Every year the AAR screens 8-12 films at the Annual Meeting, ranging from documentaries made by members as part of their research to blockbuster Hollywood films which impact the public understanding of religion. If you wish to screen a film at the Annual Meeting, please submit your proposal as a Roundtable Session and include a short description of the film, runtime, name of the director, and year it was released. Answer the following questions in the description of the session:

1. Why is this film important for scholars of religion? Please provide a brief synopsis of the film with particular attention to its importance for the study of religion.

2. Why is this film timely?

3. Does this film avoid proselytizing for a specific religious point of view?

4. Do you foresee this film raising difficult issues for some of the AAR’s constituents? If so, what might those be?

5. Are there any copyright costs for showing this film at the AAR?

6. Who will lead the discussion/introduction of the film at the AAR and what are their qualifications to do so?

7. Is there any chance that anyone involved with the making of the film will also be present at the AAR?

Preference will be given to films that tie into AAR Program Unit sessions, relate to the Presidential theme, or the Annual Meeting locale.

For any questions, please contact annualmeeting@aarweb.org.

Method of submission:





Whitney Bauman, whitneyabauman@mac.com

Robert Puckett, rpuckett@aarweb.org


Steering Committee:

Monica Coleman, macoleman@post.harvard.edu

Amy DeRogatis, derogat1@msu.edu

Ann Gleig, ann.gleig@ucf.edu

Derek Hicks, hicksds@wfu.edu

Amir Hussain, amir.hussain@lmu.edu

Robert P. Jones, rjones@prri.org

Meredith Minister, mministe@su.edu

Reiko Ohnuma, reiko.ohnuma@dartmouth.edu

Jeremy Posadas, prof.posadas@gmail.com

Santiago Slabodsky, santiago.slabodsky@hofstra.edu

Roger Sneed, roger.sneed@furman.edu