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The IGW unit postponed its 2020 sessions until the 2021 Annual Meeting. As a result, it is not accepting new proposals at this time.

Postponed sessions include:

• (Re)Conceptualizing the Field: Scholarship at the Margins of Islam and Gender

• Co-sponsored session with the Lesbian-Feminisms and Religion unit


Mission Statement:

The Islam, Gender, Women (IGW) Unit uses non-traditional programming to address meta-questions of the study of gender and women in relation to Islam and Muslims, to support the mentoring and development of its scholars, and to create resources and scholarly networks to advance the field. The name IGW signals that the study of gender and women is an essential subfield of the larger study of Islam and Muslims while shifting attention away from the “woman question in Islam” and toward the study of gender. Our unit examines the relational formation and subversion of genders, while still taking into account “women” as they are interpellated by complex social and symbolic systems.

IGW brings together scholars at all career stages, including those working outside the academy. It supports scholarly reflexivity in a collaborative and collegial setting, discussing methods/approaches and the professional dimensions of research and teaching in the field. It fosters collective consideration of the aims, evolution, and lacunae of the field as a way to nurture new lines of inquiry. Our non-traditional programming, such as workshops and mentoring/networking sessions, aims to strengthen rather than compete with the work of related program units, prevent the segregation of scholarship on gender and women into one unit, encourage sustained “mainstream” engagement with questions of gender and women, and expand opportunities for collaboration and conversation with and among other units.

Method of Submission:




Fatima Seedat, fatima.seedat@uct.ac.za

Saadia Yacoob, saadia.yacoob@williams.edu


Steering Committee:

Zahra Ayubi, zayubi@gmail.com

Juliane Hammer, jhammer@email.unc.edu

Roshan Iqbal, riqbal@agnesscott.edu

Anna Piela, annapiela@gmail.com


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2025