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For 2021, the Korean Religions Unit will hold postponed panels from 2020 as below.  

Thus, the unit will not invite new submissions for proposals this year.  


Postponed Panels for 2021 


Two Standalone panels: 

The Experience of Women in Religious Leadership in Korea. Organizer: Eunsu Cho (escho@snu.ac.kr)  


COVID-19 Outbreaks and Korean Religious Communities, Organizer: Tim Lee (t.lee@tcu.edu


Co-sponsored panel: 

Korean Popular Culture and Religion, Organizers: Minjung Noh (tuf64799@temple.edu); Hyemin Na (hyemin.na@gmail.com

Mission Statement:

This Unit provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of ideas on the religions of Korea. It addresses all aspects of religions and religious experiences of Korea — past and present and traditional and modern. The Unit investigates Korean religions in all its diversity, including social, cultural, historical, political, and philosophical, giving full weight to the complexity of religious phenomena in Korea. The Unit encourages conversations that compare aspects of Korean religions with those of other religious traditions, as well as theoretical conversations about religion that are grounded in Korean religions. In order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Korean religions, the Unit welcomes scholars from both in and outside of Korean religions and fosters a dialogue among scholars from different religious traditions as well as different disciplinary approaches to religions.

Method of Submission:




Hwansoo Kim, hwansoo.kim@yale.edu

Liora Sarfati, lsarfati@tauex.tau.ac.il


Steering Committee:

Hyaeweol Choi, hyachoi@uiowa.edu

So-Yi Chung, soyichung@sogang.ac.kr

Chong Bum (Sean) Kim, ckim@ucmo.edu

Sujung Kim, sujungkim@depauw.edu

Franklin Rausch, frausch@lander.edu

Yohan Yoo, yohanyoo@snu.ac.kr


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2025