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The Mormon Studies Unit seeks proposals for full sessions or individual papers that consider any aspect of Mormon experience using the methods of critical theory, philosophy, theology, history, sociology, or psychology. This includes the use of Mormonism as a case study for informing larger questions in any of these disciplines and, thus, only indirectly related to the Mormon experience. We are also interested in papers that reflect on the globalization of Mormonism.

For 2021, in addition to a general call for papers addressing Mormonism, we are seeking papers on one of two themes: “Mormon Imaginaries,” which would cover a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to futurism, historical accounts, pluralisms, science fiction, biopolitics, and so on; second, papers that would engage with Latin America and/or Latinx/a/o communities.

In addition, the Mormon Studies Unit also plans a cosponsored session with the Religion, Medicines, and Healing Unit. This session seeks papers that examine the interrelated themes of both units by exploring medicine and healing in the Mormon tradition (broadly defined) from a variety of methodological approaches and historical eras. We especially appreciate papers that can connect their topics to lived traditions and practices among Mormons, past or present.

Mission Statement:

This Unit will examine the range of topics, disciplines, and methodologies that can be brought into dialogue with Mormonism as studied in an academic environment. It is interested in exploring strategies for teaching about Mormonism, both as the main focus of a class or as a unit within a survey course. It seeks to identify the best resources available for teaching and understanding the tradition and provide encouragement for scholars to fill gaps in what is currently available. The Unit encourages significant comparative studies and interdisciplinary cross-fertilization and hopes to explore intersections between Mormonism and ethics, theology, philosophy, ecclesiology, missiology, spirituality, arts and literature, sociology, scripture, and liberation studies.

Method of Submission:

INSPIRE, E-mail without Attachment (proposal appears in body of e-mail), E-mail with Attachment (proposal is in attachment, not in body of e-mail)



Sara Patterson, patterson@hanover.edu

Taylor Petrey, tpetrey@kzoo.edu


Steering Committee:

Amy Hoyt, amykhoyt@gmail.com

Max Mueller, max.mueller@unl.edu

Jana Riess, riess.jana@gmail.com

David Walker, dwalker@religion.ucsb.edu


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2025