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For 2021, we're inviting proposals on the following topics:
-Exvangelicals & the Spiritual But Not Religious (vis-à-vis open & relational theologies)
-Nondualism and Panentheism (vis-à-vis comparative theology and open-relational perspectives)
-Feelings, Experience, and God (vis-à-vis affect theology and open-relational perspectives)

-Comparative Nondualisms. Many religions use the term "nondualism" or one of its variations, and nondualism as a concept is occurring more frequently in popular religious discourse, such as the work of Fr. Richard Rohr. But "nondualism" has different meanings in different contexts. In some traditions, the term "nondualism" is synonymous with monism, asserting that only pure unity has ultimate reality. In other traditions, "nondualism" describes an open and relational ontology, offering deep relatedness within real difference. This panel will consider multiple religious perspectives on the concept of nondualism, to plumb the breadth and depth of its potential meaning. Moreover, in accordance with the themes of justice and equality for the 2021 AAR, the panel will consider the sociopolitical implications of nondualism for our current age of division. (co-sponsored with the Comparative Theology Unit)


We especially welcome proposals that connect the above topics with the 2021 presidential theme: Religion, Poverty, and Inequality: Contemplating Our Collective Futures.

Mission Statement:

The Open and Relational Theologies Unit promotes academic research and discourse on open, relational, and process methods and perspectives (including those of open theism, process philosophy, and other relational and personalists traditions). These explorations tend to be constructive in nature--regularly involving theological and philosophical speculation about the nature of God, freedom, power, relationality, love, and more--as well as studying the implications of open-relational methods and perspectives on a wide range of social and scientific topics.

Method of Submission:




Krista E. Hughes, kristaehughes@gmail.com

Wm. Andrew Schwartz, andrew@ctr4process.org


Steering Committee:

Donna Bowman, donnab@uca.edu

Tripp Fuller, tripp.fuller@gmail.com

Elaine Padilla, epadilla@laverne.edu

Bethany Sollereder, bsollereder@gmail.com

Jon Paul Sydnor, jonpaulsydnor@gmail.com

Michael Zbaraschuk, zbarasgm@plu.edu


Session Allotment: Tier 2 – Two 2-hour sessions

Next Review: 2024