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The Religion and Migration Unit seeks individual paper proposals and session proposals (presider, 3 presenters, respondent) for the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held in San Antonio related to the following themes:

● Migration and Intersectionality (i.e. race, gender, socio-economic status)
● Migration and Inter-religious Dialogue
● Religious Beliefs Among "Illegal" versus "Illegal" Immigrants/Undocumented Migrants
● Using Religion as a Tool to Understand the Migratory Journey
● Migration and Innovations in Agency
● Migration and Innovation in Leadership
● Migration and Multiple Belongings
● Migration and LGBTQ Issues/Gender Issues
● The Commodification of Migration in the Post-Colonial World
● Migration, Intersectionality and Feminism
● Immigration in Popular Culture

Finally, we offer an open call for any other topics dealing with religion and migration, especially proposals that address theoretical and methodological issues in the field of migration in relation to religious studies. We are also interested in hosting a book panel, so please feel free to submit panel submissions for recently published books on Migration and Religion (author, respondents, panelists).

Mission Statement:

This Unit is a forum in which scholars working on religion and migration from multiple perspectives can interact across methodologies, religious traditions, and regions. We solicit papers addressing the religious practices, experiences, needs, and beliefs of migrating peoples who adapt to new environments and impact their societies of origin and destination. We understand religion and migration broadly, from the religious communities of rural migrants in regional cities to the new understandings of religion that second-generation children construct in order to make sense of their ethnic identities or ethical responses of receiving communities. If you are interested in furthering the discussion on religion and migration, please join the AAR Religion and Migration Group on Facebook.

Method of Submission:




Eunil David Cho, davidchoknows@gmail.com

Nanette Spina, spinan@uga.edu


Steering Committee:

Glenda Bonifacio, glenda_bonifacio@yahoo.ca

Alyshea Cummins, alyshea.cummins@gmail.com

Sana Patel, spate161@uottawa.ca

Rubina Ramji, rubina@eastlink.ca

Jennifer A. Selby, jselby@mun.ca


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2025