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For the 2021 AAR, we are accommodating two sessions that were postponed last year. For this reason we will not be accepting any new paper proposals. Our first session will be an invited roundtable on Plural Methods in Interreligious Engagement and the second session will be a Scriptural Reasoning Session reflecting on Disease and Distancing in the Abrahamic traditions with papers submitted last year.

Mission Statement:

Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a practice of inter-religious text study in which participants from the three ‘Abrahamic’ religions (and increasingly, from other traditions as well) study short selections of their scriptures together in an open-ended but structured manner. When scholars read scripture across inter-religious difference, the effect is to put traditional wisdom and academic formation into play simultaneously. Over the years, this practice has proved effective at making familiar texts strange and offering a window into the deep patterns of reasoning and implicit logics of these different traditions.

The Scriptural Reasoning Unit facilitates a unique mode of academic engagement within the setting of the AAR, rooted in this distinctive practice. It cultivates an approach to the academic study of scriptural traditions centered on the ways in which scriptures generate communities of religious practice: practices of study, of interpretation, of reflection, of ritual, and of social life. Its scholars seek to develop methods for analyzing aspects of this process and to offer philosophical or theological interventions in the ongoing life of the traditions.

Method of Submission:




Ashleigh Elser, aelser@hsc.edu

Mark James, mcjames@caspia.com


Steering Committee:

Nicholas Adams, n.adams.1@bham.ac.uk

Deborah Barer, dbarer@towson.edu

Rebecca Epstein-Levi, rebecca.j.epstein-levi@vanderbilt.edu

Nauman Faizi, nauman.faizi@lums.edu.pk

Susannah Ticciati, susannah.ticciati@kcl.ac.uk


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2023