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A limited number of special sessions are approved by the Program Committee each year. These are intended to be:


·         Sessions that are experimental, creative, or timely

·         Sessions that address an area of interest that does not naturally fall within the purview of one or more existing Program Units

·         Sessions that address a current issue/event of interest to multiple AAR constituencies.


The Program Committee occasionally approves special sessions for sessions that would be one-time only or special to the year or location. Under exceptional circumstances, special sessions may also be proposed to address a pressing issue that arises after the proposal deadline.


Guidelines for special sessions:


• Special sessions are accepted through INSPIRE only.


• Special session proposals must provide a rationale based on the criteria above.


• Special sessions must use one of the prearranged session proposal formats (papers session or roundtable).


• Make sure the special session does not cover an area already covered by an existing program unit. If a proposal fits within an established program unit's mission, the proposal will be forwarded to that unit. If a proposal is submitted both as a special session and also to a program unit, it will be eliminated from consideration as a special session.

• The Program Committee evaluates all Special Session proposals. Notification of program acceptance will be announced by April 1, 2021.


Mission Statement:

Method of Submission:




Whitney Bauman, whitneyabauman@mac.com

Robert Puckett, rpuckett@aarweb.org


Steering Committee:

Monica Coleman, macoleman@post.harvard.edu

Amy DeRogatis, derogat1@msu.edu

Ann Gleig, ann.gleig@ucf.edu

Derek Hicks, hicksds@wfu.edu

Amir Hussain, amir.hussain@lmu.edu

Robert P. Jones, rjones@prri.org

Meredith Minister, mministe@su.edu

Reiko Ohnuma, reiko.ohnuma@dartmouth.edu

Jeremy Posadas, prof.posadas@gmail.com

Santiago Slabodsky, santiago.slabodsky@hofstra.edu

Roger Sneed, roger.sneed@furman.edu