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This year, the bulk of the Unit's programming will consist of sessions that were deferred due to Covid-19. There is, however, the possibility that individual papers and perhaps even an entire session may be switched out, and we encourage anyone who is hoping to work with our group this year to contact the Co-Chairs before submitting a proposal.

Mission Statement:

This Unit seeks to further discussions at the intersection of post-Kantian philosophy in its various permutations with historical and contemporary theological reflection. While we remain centered on continental European thought on the philosophical side, the term “theology” in our parlance extends to critical reflection on a range of religions worldwide, and we are particularly interested to expand our offerings in Judaism, Islam, and marginalized traditions (such as witchcraft) in coming years. Contact the Program Unit Chairs if you seek further information on the Unit’s activities.

Method of Submission:




Beatrice Marovich, beatrice.marovich@gmail.com

Anthony Paul Smith, anthonypaul.smith@gmail.com


Steering Committee:

Amaryah Shaye Armstrong, amaryah@vt.edu

Basit Iqbal, basit.iqbal@berkeley.edu

Marika Rose, marika.rose@winchester.ac.uk


Session Allotment: Tier 2 – Two 2-hour sessions

Next Review: 2023