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Co-sponsored Session with Class, Religion, and Theology Unit

In light of the AAR theme of “Religion, Poverty and Inequality: Contemplating Our Collective Futures,” we invite proposals that discuss ways faculty have incorporated class and power analysis into religious studies courses. How do we assist students to do critical analysis of our economic and political structures and systems and how do we impassion them to envision and promote transformative social change that addresses poverty and inequality? We are especially interested in proposals that understand class as a power structure and not only as unequal income/wealth distribution, as well as proposals that foreground working-class employees and communities.


Co-sponsored Session with Teaching Religion Unit

We invite proposals on teaching religion using anti-racist pedagogies. Addressing race, racism, and White privilege in religious studies and theology classes is imperative in today’s world. However, discussions and assignments related to these themes can vary drastically from one institutional context to another and may prove to be fraught for students and faculty alike. This session will feature reflections about--and possible demonstrations of--innovative and transformative ways of incorporating anti-racist pedagogies into the classroom. We are especially interested in papers that showcase how alternative approaches to teaching may challenge the boundaries between scholarship and activism, as well as how faculty meet heightened demands for transformative pedagogy fostered by students' desire to reflect on their engagement in activism and protest movements.


Mission Statement:

This Unit seeks to provide a forum for exploring transformative scholarship and pedagogy across religious traditions and scholarly disciplines, challenging the traditional boundaries between scholarship and activism while experimenting with alternative approaches to teaching and the production of knowledge.

Method of Submission:




Michael R. Fisher Jr., michael.fisher@sjsu.edu

Laura Stivers, laura.stivers@dominican.edu


Steering Committee:

Peter Capretto, peter.capretto@ptstulsa.edu

Kiara Jorgenson, jorgen1@stolaf.edu 

Michael Brandon McCormack, b.mccormack@louisville.edu

Sara Williams, sara.williams@emory.edu


Session Allotment: Tier 1 – Two 90-minute sessions

Next Review: 2024