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For 2021, the Wesleyan and Methodist Studies Unit does not seek new proposals. They will hold two postponed panels from 2020:

-Wesleyan/Methodist Theology and Social Justice

-Women in the Wesley/Methodist Traditions

Mission Statement:

This Unit seeks to promote the critical understanding and appropriation of Wesleyan and Methodist traditions. Our sessions are purposefully structured to encourage not only historical/sociological studies, but also theological reflection, critique, and extension. We understand Wesleyan traditions to include Methodist, Holiness, and other related strands of Christian tradition.

Method of Submission:




Edgardo Colon-Emeric, ecolonemeric@div.duke.edu

Cindy K. Wesley, cindy.wesley@unco.edu


Steering Committee:

Jung Choi, jchoi@div.duke.edu

Dion Forster, dionforster@sun.ac.za

Geordan Hammond, ghammond@nazarene.ac.uk

Laceye Warner, lwarner@div.duke.edu

Edward Wimberly, wimberlyedwanne@aol.com


Session Allotment: Tier 2 – Two 2-hour sessions

Next Review: 2024